Lind Marine is proud to provide dredging, barge and tug services throughout the San Francisco Bay and Delta, and the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. Family owned and operated, we specialize in handling and moving bulk materials for the construction and agricultural industries, dredging projects of any size and marine environmental remediation. Starting with a single barge and tugboat in 1906, we have grown to become a full service dredging, barge and tug company, with more than 25 barges and 6 tugboats.

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Our mission is to provide our services in a safe, sound, and wise manner for the benefit of our customers, neighbors, employees, and the environment – and to continue to build on a century of family and corporate responsibility in delivering bulk products, on land or by river, to the construction and agricultural industries.

Lind Marine, Inc. has been a family operated company since 1906. Its tugboats and barges ply the San Francisco Bay and its tributaries, delivering bulk products in a cost-effective and environmentally safe manner to its customers. Lind Marine’s highly trained workforce makes safety the top priority.

Lind Marine, Inc. has its roots in a company called Agricultural Lime and Compost, founded nearly a century ago. The company began mining ancient oyster shells from the South Bay for use as an organic calcium carbonate additive for livestock feed and soil amendments. Over the years, Agricultural Lime and Compost underwent several expansions and name changes to become the company it is today, providing a diverse array of marine services. Oyster shell mining and milling remain a strong part of our business – processed shells are shipped to agricultural customers throughout the western United States, Canada and the Pacific Rim.

In the 1980s, Lind Marine (then known as Jerico Products) expanded into a marine towing and barging company. We began using our special expertise to barge outsized art sculptures, too large to transport on most highways, to San Francisco Bay ports. The massive sculptures were then shipped all over the world. Later, Lind Marine barges began supplying sand to the construction industry in Northern California. Today, we barge half a million tons a year into Napa and Sonoma Counties.

For the last several years, Lind Marine tugs and barges have moved pre-stressed concrete bridge structures from a manufacturing site on the Petaluma River to bridge and highway structures all over the Bay Area. Annually, Lind Marine transports in excess of a million tons of sand, aggregate and gypsum for construction and infrastructure companies in Northern California.

Christian Lind serves as Lind Marine’s President,  Aaron Lind as Vice President and Michael (Mitch) Lind as CEO. Lind Marine maintains an employee census of 120 people. The Lind family has a rich history of community service, working with such non-profits as Petaluma Ecumenical Properties and Hospice. Mike Lind is a past president and 20-year member of Kiwanis, a service club that raises funds for Petaluma families in need. The Lind family is currently planning a memorial park for the City of Petaluma.

Lind Marine is a member of the Bay Planning Coalition, The Sonoma County Farm Bureau, the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce and the California Grain and Feed Association.