Blu Harbor Marina Dredging
APRIL 2019

The launch of a new fleet of marina and homeowner dredging equipment has enabled Lind Marine to reach smaller, shallower areas which many other dredge operators are unable to service. Lind Marine’s recent marina dredging project at Blu Harbor in Redwood City California, was centered around the maintenance of a 64-slip marina. Using their new environmentally friendly equipment, all the material was first dredged into small barges and then trans-loaded into larger barges for transport. The larger barges made their way upland to the Montezuma wetlands, in Solano County, for unloading into the restoration & habitat project area.

  • Solano County Habitat Restoration
  • Homeowner Dock Maintenance
  • Blu Harbour Marina Maintenance
  • Marina Dredging
  • Maintenance of a 64-Slip Marina
  • Blu Harbor by Lind Marine