Dry Dock Now Open at Lind Marine Shipyard
JUNE 2018

Lind Marine’s ability to take on large ship repair and construction projects increased dramatically with the recent addition of a newly renovated dry dock facility and supporting services. The dry dock takes an hour to flood and an hour to pump dry. The maiden flooding of the dock on June 25th was an exciting and long anticipated event. It celebrated the first time the 400 by 100 foot dock had held water since 1995, when the Naval base was closed. At one time, the US Navy built and serviced nuclear submarines in this dock. Now, the local industries’ demand for more shipyard options is being answered by Lind Marine. A new era of ship repair and construction on Mare Island has begun.

The historic flooding of the dock was followed by the birthing of the Nautilus Data Center barge that is currently under construction by Lind Marine. The project includes installation of a pre-fabricated steel, two-story super-structure on deck of a 55’ x 210’ barge and an extensive raw-water intake to heat-exchanged piping system for data hall cooling. Initial construction began on the water and now it sits comfortably in the new dry dock during its completion. Read More About the Nautilus.

Lind Marine’s experienced service engineers are dedicated to excellence in every vessel they service. Their depth of experience in cost-effectively managing haul-out and maintenance procedures for their own fleet makes them uniquely qualified to execute haul-outs for commercial marine and Government entities. They stand behind their work and are committed to building strong, lifelong customer relationships, built on honesty and value. The Lind Marine shipyard is located at Berths 16 -18 on Mare Island at 1250 Nimitz Avenue in Vallejo, California.