Mare Island Dry Dock Dredging
Performed on an Annual Basis

Lind Marine performs dry dock dredging for Mare Island on an annual basis. Excavated dredge materials are loaded onto closed bottom hopper barges for transport to the Winter Island Disposal site. All of the engines aboard the Dredge Mink are CARB registered and, where applicable, meet the CARB Tier 3 standard. An AIS (automatic identification system) allows for vessel traffic to remotely monitor the position of the dredge.

Additionally, our dredge positioning software provides the operator with a detailed of the dredge, overlaid on the dredge cut, as well as a cross sectional view of the cut with an overlay of the before dredge survey data. The cross sectional view provides the operator with an image of the cutter head’s vertical and horizontal position, related to the actual material being excavated.

Dredge production is 220 cubic yards per hour and 2,200 cubic yards per day. A second barge, the Gretajean Lind, is used to offload the dredged material at Winter Island. Two Lind Marine tugs help with transporting the material barges from the dredge site to the Winter Island disposal area and tend the dredge Mink.